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Types of delicious momos to try

As we all know that momos are the dumplings which taste really nice. These dumplings are mostly stuffed with fillings like chicken, lamb, fish or vegetables. It is said thatmomos have their probable origin in China and then it passed though Tibet to the other regions surrounding Himalayas. That is why; it came to India and became a significant part of Nepali and Tibetan cuisine.

But at present momos have become an integral part of Indian cuisine. It is available in all parts of the country and is served mostly as a delicious snack item in restaurants and road side food corners. They are mainly paired with some fiercely hot chutney and at present people are experimenting with the momo recipe a lot. As a result the have come up with some innovative recipes like Pan fried momos and Tandoori momos. At present you can taste some momo burgers too.

Here are some unique momo ideas which you should definitely try.

Chocolate Momos

This one is a favourite for those who love a tint of chocolate in everything. These chocolate momos are filled with chocolate lavas and tiny chunks of cake. Also when served, these momos are topped with hot chocolate sauce. Momos and sweetness join hands to become this sinful combination.

Momos in Chilly Garlic Sauce

Here the momos are steamed and then tossed into some fiery and hot garlic sauce. This one is a perfect treat for those who love spice. So, if you are craving something fiery for your taste buds then go for it.

Mozzarella Cheese Momos

There are many people who are ardent cheese lovers. This rendition of momos is for them. Here the filling is either with chicken or with seasoned mushrooms and corn kernels. Then load it with cheese before steaming them properly. These juicy and cheesy momos can be a treat when it comes to evening snack cravings.


These are the traditional Nepali pan fried momos. Here the tender dumplings are pan fried and then mixed with some mild spices. Those who make this dish also serve some authentic momoachaar with them. This special sauce is made from tomatoes, cilantro and some authentic spices. This one you should not miss.

Afghani MalaiMomos

Are you a fan of tandoori momos? Then you will definitely like this variation. Here the roasted dumplings are smeared with fresh cream, yogurt, ground spices and coriander leaves. These malaimomos can be a perfect dish for you in winter evenings.


Have a fascination for a lot of spice and chillies? Then go for this. Here, the pan fried momos are tossed in some spicy Schezwansauce and this one is definitely fiery.

At present,momos have become a very common street food in India and there are many loyal momo lovers among us. But yes, health conscious people always prefer some basic steamed momos paired with a bowl of chicken broth.

One can also make these delicious momos at home if they want.

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