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Ron Hindt- Connecting People To God

Many people believe in God and they trust Him and His ways. God expects His followers to be like Him and this is the reason why He has messengers on this Earth to spread His word and make the planet a better place for you to live in. If you wish to improve the quality of your life and make it more meaningful and happy.

Ron Hindt- bringing people closer to God

Ron Hindt is a senior Pastor at Calvary Houston. He was born in South California and raised there. He was a rock musician in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He joined the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in 1980 and was under Pastor Chuck Smith. He subsequently became the assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills in California and stayed there for many years. In 1991, he moved to Houston and founded Calvary Houston. He began as a small home fellowship that focused on contemporary worship and today he serves thousands of people in the area. He is blessed with a loving family and holds regular radio broadcasts in the region for teaching the tenets of the Bible and bringing people closer to God.

When it comes to God and His ways many people are ignorant and they often believe that they will remain sinners for life. This is not true. He says that if you look at God today, you will find that He is merciful and forgiving in nature. With a true and sincere heart if you wish to be close to Him, you only have to call His name and he will be there to guide you.

Follow the ways of God to be happy

God wants His children to be happy and this is why His messengers preach the secrets to happiness and bliss in life. There are certain things that befall you and most of the time they will be unexpected. They can come in the form of good and bad. When it comes to the good you are overjoyed and thank The Lord however when it comes to the bad, most people hold on to it and refuse to move on. This in turn causes them to suffer a lot and face a lot of misery. This misery gives rise to negative thought patterns that control the lives of human and lead them to destruction.

Pastor Ron Hindt says it is important for you to embrace both the good and the bad if you wish to be content in life. There is a reason for everything as God knows what is the best for you. At the same time, it is important for you to trust God and love him in exactly the same way as He loves you. No matter what you do God never looks away from you. If you surrender yourself to the Lord and follow his tenets, you will find happiness and joy entering your life. You feel complete and you have an aura of happiness and radiance with you wherever you go!

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