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Popular places to check around Navi Mumbai

One of the most visited cities and the financial capital of the country is Mumbai. This is also the place of Bollywood with most of the celebrities located in or surrounding Juhu. There are numerous things to see and take part in Mumbai, thus making it a popular tourist destination. There are several sightseeing monuments and locations that exhibit, blend of modern and ancient styled architecture.

About Navi Mumbai

This is considered to be among the finest townships that have been developed on a global level. Rapid advancements have been made off late, with numerous restaurants, theatres, schools, shopping centres and the like. Few popular places that tourists can visit when in the city of Mumbai include Jehangir Art Gallery, Marine Drive, Hanging Garden, Siddhivinayak Temple, Juhu Beach, etc.

Other must visit attractions of Navi Mumbai

  • Central Park: It is a beautifully maintained garden offering visitors with the perfect place for deriving relaxation with its serene environment. It does have that captivating effect on its visitors and also a well frequented picnic spot having lots of greenery around.
  • Pandavakara Falls: It is a popularly visited waterfall that is around 110m high, while being the perfect spot for spending quality time with friends and family. This place is to be visited to capture its natural aesthetic beauty and charm. An ancient legend is said to have been associated with the place. The Pandavas had once taken bath in the waters of this fall when in exile. The waterfall also offers captivating views along with stunning scenic surroundings.
  • Kharghar Hills: It does have immense aesthetic importance and is located on a hilltop. It does offer cool ambiance in the surrounding and is a well-known sunset and sunrise point.
  • Rock Garden: It is indeed a mesmerizing location having cool ambiance and greenery all around. It is also a popular picnic spot providing tourists with wide range of recreational opportunities to indulge in.
  • Nerul: It is a commercial and prime residential area, having several enchanting hills. Besides this, one can come across restaurants in huge numbers serving different types of delicious cuisine.
  • Inorbit Mall: It is an excellent shopping mall and also among the biggest Indian mall to be, located in Vashi. It is also a one stop center for buying variety of items. There are also malls in the area that can be visited including Center One and Raghuleela Mall.
  • Khandala: It is among the exotic places in this region where tourists can indulge in plenty of sightseeing. Beautiful landscapes are offered by the hill station including greenery, hills and plenty of greenery. One can enjoy the cool breeze that blows here, and is also a popular weekend getaway with the locals.
  • DY Patil Stadium: It is another important place that attracts sports lovers from all over the country to come and watch their favorite teams and stars playing cricket matches.

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