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Parties for Kids, Plan according to their age

Is this day very special, your kids birthday, then there is nothing to stop moms from planning a birthday party for their kid. In fact, kids also are eager and wait to celebrate their big day to make the best of this day.  Nowadays, the birthday parties for kids are very special as the parties include variety, besides sprinkles, glitter and guest of honor, besides best themes.

The parties for kids are no simpler birthday parties. There are many more parties such as the pirate parties, princess parties, disco parties and spy parties. However, these kids parties changes with the age of kids.

Kids in ages 1-3:

This birthday party is simple where you can make a cake and few snacks as your kid and their friends are almost the same ages. A simple party including the parents of his friends will come and your kid will move around, eat and drink the juices and may be a little of toddlers chasing can be expected.

Kids in ages 4-6:

This birthday party is sure to keep everyone busy as this is the age your kids are in high spirits and the party is full of running, crying, screaming, fighting and throwing things or tantrums. There will be not much time on hands to eat, drink or talk with other kid’s parents. It will be all about cake cutting, juice boxes opening and trying to keep kids from each other at least to some safe distance. You may need to take the help of other kids parents.

Kids in ages 7-11:

This party has kids steering their way clear and parents it is time to get ready to hear from your kid asking for some party theme. You cannot escape any more by merely giving an eye patch and naming it as pirate party. You must start considering being creative. The parties for kids may be a cowboy party or a water gun party or a scrapbooking or a spa party. Nothing matters; the main concern is that the party should be elaborate and specific.

Girls/boys party in ages 12-15:

This is no more kids parties and requires striking balance between hovering and supervising. Parents must get inside the party maintaining a delicate balance such as find some sweet excuses to get inside such as put a tooth pick in chicken nuggets and also take a chance to sniff for booze or cigarette smells. These groups of 12-13 may keep themselves in one corner and the 14-15 years groups try to show some skills. They will not be ready to dance or do much talking, but find a way to break the ice.

Party in ages 16:

Parties at 16 and beyond can be enjoyable and also frightening.  If you have more than one kid, ensure to restrict this party of 16 to some detailing or else the younger kid will not accept you doing without any detailing.

Plan a birthday party, concentrate on party favors to decorations and ensure a perfect cake, find out new trends to give the best parties for kids.

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