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Investment Migration To Australia Is For Business Innovation Investment

Australian economy has achieved a great milestone in its record; the country has been ranked the best to live in according to the OECD’s better life index of countries. The country has high standard of living and the best minimum wage all over the world.

Why to immigrate Australia?

Australia is found to be the best location for settling permanently by any foreigners. It is full of high economic structure that attracts immigrants to work here. It has become one of the most demanding destinations for all the immigrants all across the world. The rich cultural influence of the country has made it a perfect place to settle. It is evident that a huge number of people from all corners of the world have applied for the investment migration to Australia every year. It provides an endless number of opportunities to people.

People who wish to invest overseas for growth of its business can be well served in Australia. The country through its immigration program has opened its gateway for many who wish to get permanent residency of Australia with their family. However for getting the permanent visa of Australia one has to initially avail the provisional visa that is for a period of four years. After the completion of four years the person can apply for permanent visa from the residence visa programs which are of various categories.

Investment migration to Australia

The immigration program of Australia invites the application of investors who can fulfill their goal of business with country’s economic development. The Australian migration visa is categorized on the basis of investment visa Australia requirements that focus mainly on the federal programs mentioned below:

  • Business talent visa (subclass 132)-This visa can be applied by both new as well as already existing business in Australia. The main motive behind this is to provide the country with experienced and of high- caliber entrepreneurs, who can raise the economic standard of the country.
  • Business innovation and investment visa (subclass 888)-This visa allows you to continue your existing business, entrepreneurial activity or investment activity in Australia. Only those can apply for this visa that already had hold provisional business innovation and investment visa under the subclass 188.

Different stream of visa in business innovation and investment visa

Business innovation stream- It’s being designed for all the skilled business entrepreneurs who wish to set up a new or already established business in Australia

Retirement investor stream-It’s a temporary visa for retired person who wish to reside in Australia after their retirement. The age of the applicant must be more than 55 years.

Investor stream-Its designed for all the investors who can invest millions into the business

Leaving your country and settling in some other country is not normal. A radical change in your life is both a scary as well as exciting experience at the same time. But if you are getting a chance to explore and grow in new things, then that would be a great opportunity for you.

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