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Information on Movavi Video Editor as iMovie Alternativefor Windows

Movavi Video Editor is a great Windows alternative to iMovie which is designed for computers that run on OS X operating system. iMoviewas first launched by Apple in 1999. up to date, Apple still has not yet launched an iMovie download for Windows platform. Movavi Video Editor features a user interface that is almost the same as iMovie. Like iMovie, it also features a timeline work area. The timeline will show all the movie clips that you load including the video file name and video length. A movie is usually created by combining several clips into the timeline. If there is only one video clip on your timeline, you can add several more short video clips until it become a lengthy movie.

Movavi Video Editor features a scissor tool that you can use the split the video clips and get rink of the portion that is a junk film. You will find that a majority of the percentage of the video footage are junks that you don’t want to show to the audience. The scissor tool lets you delete these junks parts and merge with other video files to create the final video that has professional standards. If you decide to cut the video into many clips, make sure you are organized so that you are able to sort them properly. You can reduce the length of a video clip by trimming it with the scissor tool.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add transition effects that appear when one clip fades to replace the upcoming clip. The nice transition styles in Movavi Video Editor can improve the look of your movie and give your audience a positive impression. The clips will be played non stop without any gap when you add transitions to join two video clips. You can open the Transitions tab and select a transition to drag to the place in between two clips. When you have dragged the transition to the place in between the two clips, you must let go of the mouse and the transition will stay there.

You can increase the professionalism of your video by adding a musical background. It is recommended that you get the background soundtrack from a royalty free library or the soundtrack library in Movavi Video Editor. You can also use a soundtrack that you record yourself. The soundtrack that you record yourself may not be suitable for using as it will be not clear. For example, you record the sound of an ocean wave but you are standing far away during recording so it is not clear. In this case, you can increase the volume of the audio track by selecting the gearwheel and increasing the volume.

You can add cinematic effect to the video by using the magic enhancement tool in Movavi Video Editor. The Magic Enhancement tool allows you to control the color balance of the video footage.  For example, adjusting the brightness level can increase the details that your audience see n the footage. You can tweak the color correcting sliders until you achieve the optimal cinematic look on your clips.

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