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First-timers Guide to Visiting Bangalore: All that you need to know before packing your Bags

Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) is one of India’s most cosmopolitan and contemporary cities. With a benevolent climate and a thriving dining, drinking, and shopping scene, it’s a delight for travellers. Here’s all that you need to know about the city to plan your upcoming trip.

The Garden City and Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore has a lot to love. From the lush greenery dotting the city, glittering malls to high rise skyscrapers, the capital of Karnataka has it all. As a first-time visitor, here is a handy guide to help you navigate the fifth largest city in India.

  1. An Ideal Climate

Unlike other South-Indian cities, Bangalore is blessed with a pleasant climate, thanks to its elevation. You can expect day temperatures around 26-29°C, throughout the year, apart from the peak summer months of March to May. The monsoon season is from July to September, and Bangalore receives heavy rainfall, especially in the afternoons. Winters are sunny and cool with the night temperatures dropping to 15°C.

  1. Arriving There

Bangalore received a brand-new airport in 2008. The only catch is that the Bangalore airport is located at a distance of 40 km away from the city centre. So, make sure that you allow for a travel time of two hours between the airport and downtown. However, there are several hotels of all budgets near the airport, and you can check into one if you’re visiting the city for a short duration.

The city is well connected by rail and road to all other major metros of the country, meaning you can also use a train or a highway bus to reach Bangalore.

  1. Moving Around

Being a cosmopolitan city and home to several migrants, almost all taxi and rickshaw drivers understand both English and Hindi. Additionally, you can find several of them conversant in other South-Indian languages like Tamil and Telugu. You can use ride-sharing apps like Ola and Uber to move around the city, and avoid paying exorbitant fares on a private taxi.

The other alternative is to rely on public transport like the City Bus or the newly inaugurated Bangalore Metro, both of which are reliable, efficient, and offer a unique insight into the lifestyle of the locals.

  1. Accommodation

There is no dearth of hotels in Bangalore. From modest backpackers’ lodges to five-star luxury hotels and resorts, the city has a wide array of accommodations to suit all types of travellers. Of late, several home-stays and AirBnBs have cropped all over the city, and give you a peek of local life. Just make sure to check the reviews of a property online and book via reliable booking sites to avoid getting cheated and ensure a safe stay.

  1. Dining Scenes

Bangalore is a foodie’s delight. Thanks to its high migrant population, the city is a home to several international and inter-state cuisines. You can choose from a variety of cuisines including Bengali, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Kerala, Andhra, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, and plenty more. Oh yes, there are hundreds of KFCs, McDonalds, Subways, Burger Kings, etc., to satisfy your fast-food cravings.

Additionally, the city has a thriving nightlife due to its young demographic and is a home to several happening pubs and bars. Don’t forget to taste the Masala Dosa and Filter Coffee at a Darshini (breakfast hotspots) while you’re here.

Bangalore has plenty more to offer for first-time visitors and repeat travellers. Hope this guide serves as a starting point to plan your travel to the place and enjoy your trip.

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