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Facts About a Knee Replacement Surgery

Your mobility has been restricted. You are not able to walk like before, or climbing the stairs becomes a pain for you. Physical therapy, medications along with injections have been tried but of no avail. If nothing seems to yield in the desired results then knee replacement surgery would be the best option. It also goes by the name of arthroplasty is one of the popular type of surgeries.

The pain caused in the knees by arthritis is eradicated to a considerable extent and it does help you to move freely. Numerous knee replacement surgeries are performed by doctors every year.

During the surgery, a surgeon craves out a portion of the knee and it is replaced with the help of an artificial joint incorporated from plastic or metal. This joint (artificial) is then attached to the shin, thigh bone or the kneecap with the aid of a special material that is referred to as acrylic cement.

Why is the need for a surgery?

One of the main reasons on why people opt for a knee replacement surgery is orthoarthiritis. It is an age related syndrome that is pretty common when the cartilage that is the cushion between the bone joints and the knee breaks down. Some other reasons would include

  • Deformities- people who are diagnosed with knock knees are part of this surgery so that the position of the knees is restored
  • Loss of blood- the doctors are going to recommend this form of surgery if the flow of blood stops to the bones.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis- is a condition whereby the immune system of the body attacks the knees and bestows damage to it.
  • Knee injuries- when there is a broken bone around the region of the knees that is going to result in arthritis causing considerable amount of pain. It does restrict your movement to a considerable extent.

The varied types of surgery

  • Partial replacement of the knee- if arthritis has taken a toll on one side of your knee then this surgery is a possibility. But to be part of this surgery, you would need to have strong knee ligaments. Partial knee replacement surgery cost in India is one of the lowest in the world and performed with a reasonable degree of success. This surgery is being performed with a small cut in the knee
  • Replacement of the knee cap- here the under surface of the knee is only replaced, but surgeons are not in favour of this procedure as total knee replacement cost in India has a higher degree of success.
  • Total knee replacement- this is the most popular form of knee surgery. Here the surfaces of the thigh bone along with the shin bone is being replaced that connects the knee
  • Complex knee surgery- this is a complex knee procedure. This is going to be needed if you are prone to severe arthritis or you already have been part of more than single knee replacement surgeries.

To sum it up, these are some of the popular types of knee surgeries.

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