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Easy Ways to Encourage Your Child to Get Active and Improve Their Health

With the summer vacations behind us, it can seem like all your child does it sit at their desk at school and study, and then come and sit at their home study desk and study, until they eventually finish and then come and sit on the couch to watch TV. And with the complexity of subjects in modern classroom and the amount of study required to get into a good college, can you blame them?

However, as stretched as their time may be, it’s important for their physical and mental health that they don’t spend all of their time sitting, and that they remain as active as possible

To help you out in this regard, below are three great ways you can introduce incidental exercise into your child’s regular routine without them even knowing what you are doing!

Walk to Rewards

Each time that it is your student’s turn to choose dessert, instead of limiting their choices to what you have in the kitchen, open it up to involve a short walk to the local store or ice cream store to pick up something tasty. Even a short 10 minute walk each way to the corner store is enough to get their bodies active and their heart rate up, helping to improve their cardiovascular health.

Similarly, if you are providing your student with a reward for good grades from the Groupon Coupons page for Children’s Place, consider having the package delivered to the post office where your student will need to walk for 15 minutes to collect it.

A Quick Game While You Boil

There is likely to be time before you are ready to eat where you need time for the pasta to finish boiling or for the bread to cool down. During this time, instead of watching a bit of TV, get outside and play a quick game of soccer or cricket with your family. Even something as simple as playing a game of tag can be a great way to get in some incidental exercise and help work up a healthy appetite!

Your Own Workout

If you make use of a home gym or a gym in your building, invite your children to exercise with you. For example, while you are lifting weights, they can spend a few minutes simply walking slowly on the treadmill while you each talk about the day, or they can ride an exercise bike while you stretch out your muscles.

Even if they aren’t on the machines doing proper workouts, as long as their bodies are active then their bodies and their minds are receiving benefit.

No parent will ever tell you that it easy to get your children interested in staying active, especially when the appeal of video games and TV is so strong. However, by introducing small amounts in limited ways, such as with the tips above, you will see a much higher success rate than you would expect.

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