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Amidst Increasing Malware Attacks What Should A Magento Store Owner Know?

Today, Magento dominates the e-commerce store development market space. With its robust architecture and strong features, the platform’s popularity is not surprising. However, like any other software platform, it faces security threats. And in the past month, Magento has faced threats from two major malwares. One malware injects a malicious re-direct in the platform’s one-page checkout. And the other malware by the name of Visbot steals credit card information through a technique called steganography, which involves storing encrypted data (in this case, credit card info) in images which are later retrieved by hackers. Thousands of stores have been infected with both malwares, causing concern among store owners worldwide. Here are a few things you, as a Magento store owner must know to keep your store’s security intact:

Detecting The Malware

How do you know if your store has been one of the thousands infected? Experts say it is impossible to know if a site is infected from its front end activity. However, experts suggest  that the presence of the malware injecting re-directs in the check-out page can be guessed if you see a drop in sales, as the re-direct obstructs the completion of a purchase. To get a more clear picture, just check your site on magereport, an online safety auditing tool for Magento sites. The tool will show if your site is infected with either of the notorious malwares.

Recovering From Attack

If your site has indeed been infected, you must take help from expert Magento e-commerce development service providers. They will run the necessary patches and fix your store.

Preventing An Attack In The Future

You could be a lucky store owner whose site has not been infected or you could be the little less luckier who has got his/her store recovered from an attack. Either case, you must take some serious measures which can prevent an attack in the future. Following are some highly recommended measures:

  • Use The Latest Version: New versions of Magento come with security fixes of issues prevalent in a preceding version. So, keep a check on version releases and get an update done by a Magento Store Development Company, as soon as a new version releases.
  • Choose A Strong Password And Admin Name: Weak passwords and an easily guessable admin name makes your site vulnerable to brute force attacks. So, make sure you choose a strong password and a unique admin name for the Magento admin.
  • Deploy A Web Application Firewall: A web application firewall protects your site from SQL injections and helps you analyze suspicious activities.
  • Ensure Regular Back-ups: Backing your site’s database and server to an external ensures no data loss at the time of attack. So, employ a service which backs your site on a regular basis.

Maintaining the security of your e-commerce website is a significant challenge With awareness and active measures, you can address the challenge for your store successfully.

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