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11 Facts about Breast Tumour

Breast cancer is a result of an abnormal growth of cells in the tissues of the human breast which renders as a tumour or lump in the breast. Here are a few facts about breast cancer that will educate you as well as make you aware of the disease. Over …

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Ron Hindt- Connecting People To God

Many people believe in God and they trust Him and His ways. God expects His followers to be like Him and this is the reason why He has messengers on this Earth to spread His word and make the planet a better place for you to live in. If you …

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Popular places to check around Navi Mumbai

One of the most visited cities and the financial capital of the country is Mumbai. This is also the place of Bollywood with most of the celebrities located in or surrounding Juhu. There are numerous things to see and take part in Mumbai, thus making it a popular tourist destination. …

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