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11 Facts about Breast Tumour

Breast cancer is a result of an abnormal growth of cells in the tissues of the human breast which renders as a tumour or lump in the breast. Here are a few facts about breast cancer that will educate you as well as make you aware of the disease.

  1. Over 1,50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. This astonishing statistic suggests that breast cancer has surpassed cervical cancer to become the most common cancer affecting women in India.
  2. Breast cancer can affect both men and women. As surprising as it may sound, men can also get breast cancer just like women do.
  3. Breast cancer can be a threat to men and women of any age. Although, it seems to attack at a later age of 50 years and above in western countries but the statistics of India show that they mostly occur in people below 50 years of age within the country. It mostly affects women in the age groups of 30 to 40 years in India.
  4. Not all lumps in your breast are cancerous, most are not. In case you find one, have it investigated by a professional with a Triple Assessment. Triple assessment is a clinical breast examination performed by a specialist using a bilateral mammogram and ultrasound guided core needle biopsy to obtain a conclusive diagnosis.
  5. Breast cancer screening is an effective way to detect the disease early on and treat it. It might not be a for sure cure for breast cancer but early detection of the cancer definitely improves the outcome of the treatment. It is of special importance, especially, in a country like India where more than 60% patients are diagnosed with the disease at an advance stage which makes most patients succumb to the disease within the first year of detection.
  6. The average cost of breast cancer treatment in India can vary from about 5 – 6 lakh rupees. However, it greatly depends on the treatment that the patient needs as well as the hospital facility. The treatment cost may shoot up to 20 lakhs in the following chemotherapy session which can prove to be quite expensive. It is a good idea to have yourself covered with good insurance plans.
  7. As an initiative to spread awareness and educate people about the breast cancer, October has been chosen as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  8. Although we do not know exactly what causes breast cancer, there are well-recognized risk factors that can be pointed out –
  • Previously diagnosed breast cancer in the same or different breast
  • Early onset of menstruation before the age of 12
  • Late menopause
  • Not being able to conceive children or conceiving one after the age of 30
  • Using hormonal replacement therapy for an extended period
  • Obesity
  1. A family history of breast cancer as an indicator to having breast cancer accounts for only 5 to 10 percent of cases which conveniently bust the myth that a family history of breast cancer puts an individual at higher risk of having breast cancer.
  2. Breast feeding may not prevent breast cancer (a well propagated myth) but it has shown positive results in reducing the risk of breast cancer.
  3. India has developed a good healthcare scenario which makes it easier to avail at decent prices without compromising on the quality of treatment. When compared to the cost of treatment in other countries, breast cancer cost in India is much cheaper, almost one fifth of the cost in other countries.

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