How Maintain Your Lawn For Longer Period of Time? – Learn From an Expert!

A grass meadow is the essential finishing every garden. Aside from the aesthetic, it helps set the ground, preventing it from flushing, and it feels clean, as it hinders the emergence of weeds. To know what seeds should be sowed, we get to know the terrain and according to them, choose the most suitable species mix.



The cheapest way to get a lawn is to plant from seed. The proper amount of planting to have an elegant and well-covered garden is 35-45 grams per square meter, as 10-20% of the seeds will not germinate. If we want to trample, the grass will need to increase the dose to 50-70% grams per square meter. The University of Minnesota has a good guide to help you learn proper sowing techniques over here.

The first thing to do is prepare the ground, which will be several weeks before spreading the seeds so that the soil settles. We will thoroughly clean waste and weeds, raking and leveling trying as much as possible. After the gallows dig about 15 centimeters thick and lump crumbles too large. After well-rotted manure will pay, which will join the floor with a deep raking work. After a few weeks and just days before planting seeds proceeds to make a mineral fertilizer high in nitrogen at a rate of 70 grams per square meter.

For sowing, we choose a windless day and when the soil is dry. To facilitate the operation can the ground with ropes and poles on surfaces of a square meter or so. With the help of a can calculate a precise measure containing seeds for one square meter and then divide this number by two. The first part should be sown evenly over the small plot and save the other half to repeat the operation width. This will continue over the entire surface. Sow with a light hand “swing” and dropping slowly. After planting, lightly rake all the ground with a rake to extend the soil and spray irrigation.



The lawn needs frequent watering and delicate sprays in dry weather. Of course, the necessity of irrigation will depend on whether the weather is wet or dry, if the lawn is shaded, protected from the wind or is exposed to full sun and strong, dry wind. If the soil is sandy, we irrigate more than if clayey. In summer, of course, we will water more than in spring.

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You also have to know what species and variety you have, for some they need more irrigation than others. Also, it depends on the greenery we want, how much more water, more green and vigorous will. When a lawn watering got used to the same spot, the roots do not go deep because they have no need to look for water. On the contrary, if slightly watered, will develop a deeper root system and better withstand periods of drought.Nothing better observes, to know how many days we will have to wash it down. Usually in summer, you will need watering daily in spring, always depending of course on whether rainy season or not, day in or day out. In autumn two times a week, except when it rains and in winter, watering every 20 to 25 days if it does not rain enough.

Nothing better observes, to know how many days we will have to wash it down. Usually in summer, you will need watering daily in spring, always depending of course on whether rainy season or not, day in or day out. In autumn two times a week, except when it rains and in winter, watering every 20 to 25 days if it does not rain enough.

To save water, we need water early in the morning or evening, even at night, if you have automatic irrigation. With this achieve that water is lost less through evaporation.



Moderate mowings should be performed throughout the whole year, leaving a height usually about 5 centimeters in fine lawns are mowed 1.5 cm not cutting too much because it would weaken the seed. In summer at least once a week, in spring and autumn 2 or 3 times a month, in winter one time a month will suffice. Of course, it is not exact, and it depends on the turf it is because there are very fast – growing and slow – growing. High, much more resilient if winter cold and if it is summer, consume less water, because it will have deeper roots.

You should also use an automatic weed wacker like this one Р these things are super cheap and helps ease the complete process of maintaining your garden.

If done with an automatic mower, the remains will be collected alone, but it is necessary to use a rake to remove the cut; otherwise the appearance of fungi that produce diseases will be favored.

Check in which direction it is mowed, avoid overlapping, double strokes and sudden changes of direction. It is also important, make sure the lawn is dry because moisture jams the machine and the grass box thus slowing down the process of the mower. Repeated movements forward and backward originate irregular cuts.

One species that grows very slowly and therefore have to mow very little is the Zoysia japonica, but requires a warm-temperate climate with frost as it turns brown, but then regrows. The ryegrass is fast growing.


Due to intensive grass, trampling, and the use of inappropriate materials at the time of installation, the soil will be compacted more or less quickly. Similarly, grass to reproduce increases and compacted while an almost impenetrable interlaced, thus the first symptoms of suffocation lawn occurs, resulting dry clearances accompanied by an irregular yellowing, which may be the gateway various diseases. Therefore must be made separately two vital processes in the maintenance of our lawn and this directly shows on the health and appearance of your lawn. These two tasks are airy and scarifying.

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